Welcome to the website of a Comenius Project based on cultural and environmental contents.It’s a multi-lateral school partnership with the participation of schools from Greece, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Portugal and Poland.

"Cycling through times and places" is an environmental project that falls under the umbrella term of Ecomobility, a term referring to environmentally friendly, safe, healthy and efficient transport options, including and integrating walking, cycling, rollerblading and skateboarding. Ecomobility supports citizens’ quality of life, increases travel choices and promotes energy saving means of transport. The project aims to connect school curriculum with Ecomobility using cycling as common ground among European partners. The main goal of our project is two folded on the one hand to suggest that Ecomobility is a way of living that doesn’t end with adulthood and on the other, to share and exchange with our European partners information, experiences and practices of not only the necessity and importance of Ecomobility but of teaching approaches, methodology and tools too. Also, as the outcome of the project will be a film promoting travelling on a bicycle while visiting places of interest of the partners' cities, we will exchange cultural similarities and differences as well. Furthermore, the creation of a website to upload the activities of the project and the communication among partners (students and teachers) with the help of ICT (skype, mails and the e-twinning platform) will not only enhance and develop computer literacy for both teachers and students but also help our project become better known and more easily accessed by anyone interested. Apart from the film and the website, among various other activities, we plan organizing an “ecomobility week” in each partner city during which professionals, parents and members of the local community will have the chance to meet, get informed, have discussions and fruitful exchanges of ideas about Ecomobility.